Clean beaches – it’s a job for us all

At Ensto, we want to make a positive contribution to our local environment and to promote more sustainable consumption habits. This is why we signed up to the Clean Beaches (Siisti Biitsi) initiative that organises beach clean ups and raises awareness about littering.

We recently took part in a clean up event coordinated by the Pidä Saaristo Siistinä nature conservation charity. In Porvoo, it was run by the city’s Rotary club, who challenged local businesses to get behind a major litter-picking sweep. The idea was for businesses to invite young people, including students from Porvoo schools and the city’s Sea Scout troop, to get involved in exchange for donations to their sports club or school trip fund.

Campaign Manager Matti Ruottu said the Clean Beach challenge was a huge success.

“We set out to recruit around 20 to 30 local businesses. I’m not sure that we managed to pick up every single piece of litter out there but the campaign delivered great results,” he commented.

Sustainable choices, creative solutions

What made this initiative so attractive to us was that it was local, focused on sustainability and designed to get children involved in conserving the environment.

At Ensto, we believe that the better informed people are, the more likely they are to make sustainable choices, share their knowledge and seek out creative new ways of doing things.

We want to get people asking what they themselves can achieve but also what they can achieve if they join forces with others. In fact, we are committed to promoting better environmental awareness among our staff, partners and other stakeholders. In 2018, we are celebrating our 60th anniversary – just imagine all the things we can achieve in the next six decades if just work together!

Read more about Siisti Biitsi (in Finnish)

Pictures: Riitta Uronen