Change your commute – get on your bike

Ensto's Latvian team got on their bikes together with their customers to perform an act to celebrate our anniversary. They all gathered at the scenic Gauja National Park to promote environmentally friendly transport while also enjoying exercise and spending some time with each other.

On a sunny day in the beginning of June, the group gathered at the Latvian nature reservation with their rocking t-shirts that were made specifically for this event. The steep hills and rocky climbs were a thrilling experience for everyone involved.

- We wanted to promote environmentally friendly transport and we settled on doing a mountain bike race in Gauja. I feel we achieved the objectives set for the act, Uldis Kaugers,Sales Director at Ensto Latvia, explains.

Environmentally conscious business

With our many sustainability initiatives and projects, such as Ensto Green Office and encouraging employees to choose environmentally friendly company cars, Ensto is at the forefront in promoting environmentally conscious business. While there is a lot of talk about electric cars and reducing the negative environmental impacts of our own operations, cycling doesn’t often get the attention it deserves. Commuting to your workplace with a bike is one of the best ways to reduce your own CO2 -footprint – and also improve your health.