Brightening ultramarathoners'  journey in Poland

"Ultramarathon Kaszubska Poniewierka is a 100 km cross-country mountain run through the very heart of Kashubia. We invite you to sharp, maximum and inevitable weariness. We show you the running areas we love and guarantee sweat on the forehead, muscle pain and a ton of satisfaction." As they announced, they did.

On September 15th took place the third edition of the Kashubian Poniewierka in Poland, running on two distances:

  • Ultramarathon Kaszubska Poniewierka: 100km (+2200 m / -2300 m) with an additional option of running the next 30 km, route: SopotWieżyca
  • Kaszubska Poniewierka 30: 30km (+860 m / -930 m) on the route WieżycaKoszałkowo

In total, about 500 participants took part in both races. The winner beat the route 100 km in 9h 44 min and ran for an additional 30 km in the HARD version! The best time on the distance of 30km is 2h 14 min and 48s.

As part of our 60 acts campaign for better life and for the better future, Ensto sponsored Kaszubska Poniewierka with 60 headlamps according to its slogan: Better life. With electricity. The headlamps brightened the ultramarathoners' journey at night.

We are very pleased that we can support such initiatives that not only promote our beautiful Kashubian areas and a healthy lifestyle (including overcoming our own limitations and weaknesses), but also help others. It is worth mentioning that Kaszubska Poniewierka supports the Pomeranian Hospice for Children.

For more information and photos, please visit the web pages or Facebook profile of Kaszubska Poniewierka.