Better life with electricity – in drawings

Space shuttles launching into space ready to explore and discover new things for all of humanity. Having proper lighting, warmth and safety in people’s homes. Using renewable energy sources for creating electricity. Charging up electronic vehicles in Ensto EV chargers.

These are just some themes of the fantastical drawings made up by the children of Ensto employees in Russia. The drawings were entries in a competition organized by Ensto as part of Ensto's 60 acts for better life anniversary campaign.

So what do your parents do?

Almost all children have a rough idea of what their parents actually do when they go to work. Usually, when asked about it, the resulting answers are interesting, imaginative and sometimes even downright funny.

As a workplace, Ensto offers a great variety of different careers and positions related to electronic products, services and solutions. This variety was also reflected in the drawing competition with the theme 60 years. Better life with electricity, bringing out some great illustrations from the children of Ensto employees in Russia.

The participants were given the freedom to choose the instruments of self-expression themselves and used brushes, paints, crayons, and pencils. All participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas and gifts to support their creativity.

We want to thank all of the participants and wish success in their lives!