Aid to abandoned animals in Tallinn

Christmas tends to make everyone a little more compassionate and wanting to do more for those who aren’t able to help themselves. Countless news articles tell about abandoned dogs and cats, which makes you feel helpless and sad. Since adopting all of the lonely animals unfortunately wasn't an option, Ensto team in Estonia decided do the next best thing and collect needed items such as animal food, rugs, sanitary items, cat litter, etc. and donate them to the Tallinn Animal Shelter.

Ensto team set up separate collection boxes all over our building with a list naming all of the items that the shelter needs the most. Fun fact: to our surprise the shelter uses about 60 kg of cat food and 50 kg of dog food every day!

"The collection boxes were set up for a little over a week and the results were better than we hoped – some of the boxes were overflowing with donations! This just shows that people are kind-hearted and happy to take part in such initiatives," sums up Karolin Koppel, the organizer of the act from Ensto's team in Estonia. In the boxes there was a lot of dog food, cat food, different warm fabrics, cat litter, large cat beds and a climbing post, paper sheets for organizational work and more very needed items.

Karolin continues: "The shelter workers were very happy to see a big donation such as ours – we were greeted with large smiles and thank-yous. We were also happy to hear that visitors had been so active with taking the dogs for a walk, that it was no longer possible to go for a walk with any of the dogs because they were completely tired of the long adventures that day!"
We feel it’s important to work with people who share the same values, which in this case are kindness & compassion – something everyone needs once in a while.