A good act in Czech Republic warms hearts and feet

Ensto’s team in Czech Republic donated its employees a pair of Alois-socks, directing the profit to support people affected by Alzheimer’s.

The Seňorina endowment fund’s Alois-socks are named after psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer. He was the first physician to describe the symptoms of the disease at the beginning of the 20th century. The disease has many manifestations, memory-loss being the most commonly known. The idea of the Alois-socks, a different pair of socks, is to remind and appreciate the fact that we’re all different but equally important.

“We appreciate people who have worked their whole life, but then got affected by this disease at an elder age. On our behalf, we want to support an organization which brings joy to the sick,” says Michal Kostal from Ensto’s Czech team.

In addition, Ensto also purchased calendars organized by the National Theater Actors for the Seňorina Foundation. Proceeds from the calendars are also directed to the work done on behalf to cure Alzheimer's disease.