Over current fault detector

Fault detector for MV underground networks, for any kind of neutral management (compensated with Peterson coil, isolated or linked to earth).

Illuminated amperometric fault current detector for underground MV distribution networks

When the phase-earth (Io) or phase-phase (Imax) fault current exceeds the selected threshold for a period greater than or equal to the take-on time, the device confirms a fault.

- The visual signalling (external LED) function is tripped and the TS dry contact switches to "on" for a minimum of 3s.

LYNX 2400s are associated with three current sensors.

LYNX 2400s is conform to ERDF specification: HN 45-S-50 (February 2011)

Description :
The Lynx 2400 is composed of a housing, a light outside and three split-core CT sensors to place on the cables making up the line to be monitored. It can be equipped with a battery-voltage power supply or be self-contained battery ensuring operation of at least 7.5 years with 200 hours of signaling. The principle of amperometric detection allows confirming the passage of the fault on a typical duration of 300ms.