Case Prisma

Construction projects call for faster and easier ways of operating and creating functional and intelligent buildings. Installation schedules and available space are tighter than ever before. Customers are interested in the total cost and the flexibility of the solutions during the life cycle of the buildings, not to forget the carbon footprint of the solutions. Ensto Plugi is the way we work and respond to these challenges. Ensto Plugi has evolved from modular installation systems. It is a plug 'n play customer specific solution for commercial building electrification and control needs.

Case Prisma

We had an unique opportunity to follow the building and electrification process of a modern shopping center in Finland. Jyväskylä Prisma was built in record time from November 2015 to April 2016.

Fast, more flexible and affordable electrification concept

Three different Ensto Plugi panel boards were designed for the project, one for luminaires and two for socket outlet circuits. Additionally the project included e.g. factory manufactured EnstoNet cable sets, socket boxes and distribution blocks, which enable quick and easy changes and expansion of the lay-out. Future installations will be easy to customize and extend.

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