Our businesses

Our business is divided into three business areas:

Ensto Electrification

  • The most efficient, safe and reliable residential, commercial and industrial electrification
    We help customers to build the most efficient, safe and reliable residential, commercial and industrial environments. We aim at becoming the preferred partner in electrification systems that save resources, maximize comfort and minimize risks for customers and end users.

Ensto Lighting

  • Leading Finnish manufacturer of energy efficient lighting solutions
    We are the most trusted partner in our industry. We work close to our customers and understand their business to enable growth. We work with residential-, public premises-, industrial-, outdoor and marine solutions to cover the needs of lighting professionals around the world. We are agile and fast and our delivery accuracy is world class.

Ensto Utility Networks

  • Solutions and components for electricity distribution for ensuring network power quality
    We offer solutions and components for electrical distribution utilities that help them to ensure power quality in their networks. We are locally present to be close to our customers, deliver the right solutions and keep our promises. We want to grow as the preferred partner and supplier for network power quality.

In addition, we also have a distinct business:


  • The most profitable EV charging solution
    We are a leading electric vehicle charging system provider. We develop, manufacture and sell electric vehicle charging equipment and services in over 20 countries. We are committed to lasting sustainable development of mobility. Our products are designed and manufactured in Europe and are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and leave a minimum carbon footprint.